What COVID-19 Gave Me (Part II): The Time and Space to Work on Myself

Now actually available on Google Podcasts! (in addition to the other platforms)

The COVID-19 meditation series continues this week with Part II, “The Time and Space to Work on Myself.” As I strive to learn all I can from the last 15 months, I realized just what a unique opportunity I had once relegated to our bedroom-turned-office. Like millions of other office-dwellers who’d long struggled to demonstrate how little productivity has to do with physical presence, I was excited and anxious for a chance to finally gain control over my work day and still accomplish all that my boss and organization expected of me. Within in short order, I developed a morning routine and schedule that persists to this day. All because of COVID-19 and our response to it.

I’ll let the meditation stand on its own. I encourage and challenge you to think about the effect COVID-19 had (and has) on your life and that of your family. What gifts do you enjoy having experienced a global pandemic? Asking this question in no way diminishes the loss millions suffered in the form of loved ones and/or livelihoods. But as I must remind myself time and time again, if we cannot see the positive impact in those events we perceive as 100 percent negative, then what hope do we have to move forward? What hope can we have if not for our ability to absorb adversity and rise above it in a better, evolved state?

One more note, a quick shoutout and thank you (!) to “ALB” (name restricted to protect privacy) for pointing out that I’d failed to complete the distribution process for TLQ onto Google’s podcast platform. Despite the number of times I’ve told listeners that the show is available “wherever you find podcasts,” ALB went right to their preferred platform and found it wanting. Of course, I assumed it was my host’s fault, only to find out upon further investigation that was mine. I hadn’t continued past my host site into Google’s management interface to complete the connection. In any case, I did that last week and so share (above) Google’s badge and the link to their podcast platform’s presentation of TLQ to celebrate :-).

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