What COVID-19 Gave Me (Part II): The Time and Space to Work on Myself

The COVID-19 meditation series continues this week with Part II, “The Time and Space to Work on Myself.” As I strive to learn all I can from the last 15 months, I realized just what a unique opportunity I had once relegated to our bedroom-turned-office. Like millions of other office-dwellers who’d long struggled to demonstrate…More

We’re Each Unique … And All The Same | Joey Utah

I’m excited to release this week’s episode, lucky number 13 (!), a conversation with Joey Utah. Joey’s a fellow Air Force veteran and spent his time as a security forces member at several locations including Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, home to the tried and true B-52 and the Air Force’s nuclear operations major command.…More

What COVID-19 Gave Me (Part I): My Life

I started Monday Morning Meditations because good questions often matter more than good answers … and I know the best questions we can ask take a lot longer than five minutes to think through and answer. It’s true at work, it’s true at home, and it’s true when looking inward at ourselves. Each week I…More


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